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N137A Healthy People 2010/2020 Paper Assignment 1. Identify a public health concern that is of interest to you. 2. Briefly describe the public health problem 3. Go to and identify the focus area(s) that you believe would cover the problem you identified 4. Clicking on the Healthy People 2010 url site at the bottom of the web page, explore this website to answer the following questions: a. How would Healthy People 2010 help you as a nurse leader to address your identified public health problem? b. Discuss your public health problem in terms of the HP 2010 Leading Health Indicators (LHI) c. Click on the implementation tab and explore the material provided pertaining to the progress of Healthy People. Using the information provided, briefly discuss a proposed health program to address the public health problem you have chosen.
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Unformatted text preview: Include the following: a. Nursing Diagnosis b. One intervention (i.e. focused on Political Action & Advocacy, Crisis Intervention, Education, Supportive therapy, Stress Management, Behavior Modification, Assertiveness Training, Social Skills Training, Other) c. The goal of the intervention d. One possible method for evaluating the effectiveness of the intervention. Point Distribution (20 total) 1. Identify a public health concern that is of interest to you. (1 point) 2. Briefly describe the public health problem (2 points) 3. HP 2010 Focus are(s) identified (1 point) 4. Understanding of the role of HP 2010 to public health (5 points) 5. Description of problem in relation to Leading Health Indicator (5 points) 6. Brief Program Proposal (6 points) Faculty Comments: Spring 09 Crider First Draft...
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