Project #2 final draft

Project #2 final draft - INTRODUCTION Without a doubt...

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INTRODUCTION Without a doubt, earning a college degree is an arduous process that requires hard work and attentiveness. In most cases, doing well in school requires attending class, paying close attention to the professors, and taking detailed notes in order to prepare and do well for the examinations. San Jose State University, as well as many other commuter colleges, faces the challenge of more than half their students working part-time while maintaining a full course schedule at school. This makes the studying process harder for the young scholars due to the fact that they simply do not have the time to fully commit to the class, and as a result most students are not content with their grade point average. will make it easier for learners to understand the course material, and ultimately do better in school with improved grade achievements. This newly created website is an online environment that facilitates an atmosphere of wealth in school-knowledge by allowing students to share their notes, exams, projects, and study guides among other actively participating students. CollegeNoteShare hopes to create a new study method approach for students of collaborating and sharing information in an honest and reliable community. SOLVING A PROBLEM ANALYSIS There is a potential market for CollegeNoteShare at San Jose State University. This site solves an always existing difficulty among students, poor note taking ability. This site also helps those who have trouble attending their classes due to the difficulty of balancing work and school to find the notes from that class. Practically a win-win situation, the benefits gained from contributors/users is unlimited. Accordingly, the CollegeNoteShare team has created questionnaires and surveys to determine precisely what students prefer and wanted from the 1
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service. From the data the group has gathered, results suggest that an opportunity optimistically exist. Since the new venture is scheduled to be made available for only SJSU students coming Spring 2010, this would therefore not constitute as an idea where the founder simply generated a thought internally. There is a tremendous chance for this business project to be successful because it is already attractive with many convinced potential users, a timely service that many are currently interested in, and durability for the possibility of an enormous online database of shared school-information in the future. Hence, CollegeNoteShare is creating a value desired by current students, and the window of opportunity exists now within a concept in which people are willing to spend their money on. UNDERSTANDING USER NEEDS ANALYSIS Although online note-sharing may exists within other schools in the United States, or outside of the country, SJSU has yet to encounter such a service. The degree of newness is ultimately high as students have never used an online service to potentially share notes, exams or essays with such a wide range of students [approximately 30,000] enrolled currently at SJSU. Being that the degree of newness is high; our team decided to first conduct a quantitative data
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Project #2 final draft - INTRODUCTION Without a doubt...

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