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Maasai Film Lessons Summary

Maasai Film Lessons Summary - Mukhopadhyay 2009 140 Maasai...

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©Mukhopadhyay 2009, 140 Maasai Film Lessons summary 12/25/2009 140 Maasai Women, Summary of Key Features Background: Location: No.Tanzania & So. Kenya Pastoralists: [subsistence is based on cattle herding] Small-Scale Society [vs. “complex”]… Patrifocal Patrilineal Polygyny Patriarchal—male-dominated Relevance of Film to This Course and This Section of the Course 1. Illustrate Cultural Variability in How cultures regulate sexuality Different Cultural Models [and Ethnotheories] of Marriage, Human Development, Wealth, Romantic Love 2. Introduce Explanatory Frameworks for Cultural Regulation of Sexuality Reproduction Social Reproduction 3. Introduce universal or near-universal cultural “purposes” of marriage: establishes “ownership” [control] over the offspring of women [which may or may not include sexual rights over] Maasai Cultural Models in Film: 1) Marriage, Family, Sexuality [pre-marital & extra-marital sex], romantic love, households, “family” and “relatives” [see below for details] 2) Human Development; Females: pre-puberty, puberty [circumcision, marriage], motherhood, older woman [mo-in-law]. Sex: pre-marital, marital & extra-marital
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