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Produt 1 2 A New Product Development New Product - A product that has never been in the market and has been newly introduced and never thought of before. An Existing product/service is migrated into a new venue where it is unknown and that product creates new profit. Product life cycle - Introduction (1 st section of the graph) - Growth (2 nd Section) - Maturity (3 rd Section) - Decline (4 th section) Screening Prod & devel Testing Business Analysis Pre-product Curve - Idea (items below Correspond to arrows from top to bottom). Commercialize o Customers o Competitors o Employees o Channel Members
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Unformatted text preview: o Research & Development o BI product – a result of the primary product. o Last section before product curve is rollout.-Why is it nearly impossible to put out two new products at the same time? o Hard to staff both o Creates more competition o Greater risk o Costly-If the small chances two products make it past the PPC curve, what do you do? o You would use a decision tree. (important on test) o Each choice would have whether they would have high payouts or low payouts. o The small circles are expected value....
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A New Product Development.docx - o Research& Development...

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