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Name: ,$. 22. 23. Student ID: bmeasure pressure based on the pressure differences in -/)Q Advantage of a Thermopfle is 'l )t. A Chromel/constantan thermocouple with an ice reference has an /' output of 10.s.OJatiV. The temperature of the sensing junction I t** is -| b.Y(-, L2. A hot wire anemometer is used for measuring - 13. A 10-bit A/D convefter has an inpptgrnge of 0 to 10 volts. The (' quantization error = velocity is using to capture an analog signal of 200H2 sing, the sampling frequency should be at least: t- of a measurement is the closeness to true value, and quantified uncertainty L7. Random-incidence Microphone measureF q liquid Eolumns Under sampling results in 8-bit binary representation of f.1 g( - ffi - .,7--are the two ir at'ure
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Unformatted text preview: that need to be considen .tl* o*,-$*d4*^^^l e xpe^"*.e**. 'N \-/ are the two irirportant I factors to related to temperafure that need to be considered for strain gages ,t"*'*t .- from all directions: True OR False? j o*fitg".equallY 18. The picture below indicates: L\fDd Prinlnry scmndary \-/ [t fi-l J, ,r,AAq i L-i{fr-' ,^.hr* n-oY , ,,.;;;plicationofHattEffectSensori,b*fRYY-]]*.6;-tL *iG\ -l.d^"c 2o. .@isanestimateofthemagnitudeoferrcjr,-="XEi'!. typically expressed in terms of a confidence interval within which the error lies. 2L, Vibration asAfr example of Systematic Error: True OR False? I I q) I \ I F 't with no LI r\ * l'r a tfr ", t d. "..H *L* fl ME120 Mid-term Exam A 123 is...
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