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FINAL EXAMINATION 25 Points – Due at 9 am May 13 th . I will not accept late papers. I will return your paper if you give me a SASE at the same time. For this assignment only, to cite from the textbook, in parentheses type the authors name followed by a comma and the page number, such as (Miley, O’Melia, & DuBois, p. 32). It is your scholarly and professional responsibility to respond to each question in your own words. You may use citations and quotes; however, you MUST demonstrate in the answer that you understand what the quote means. You must show that you can apply the information given to you in class and in the reading to real life situations. Think about the lectures and readings on each of the populations and issues listed below and pull from those lectures to answers each question as completely as you can. Read the following scenario and respond to all of the questions that are presented.
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Unformatted text preview: You are a social worker at a family counseling agency. A professional Latino woman comes in to discuss her 15 year old daughter. Three months ago the women’s 75 year old father moved in with the two of them. The woman tells you last week her daughter locked her grandfather in his room for 6 hours. The woman has said she is tired and unable to sleep. a. What do you define as the problem(s)? How will you begin your work with this client? b. What are the relevant systems involved in this case? (Note: think about the bio-psycho-social model and the culture-gram to assist you.) What more information do you need about these systems? How will you get this information? c. Which systems are micro, mezzo and macro? d. What are some possible elder issues in this case? e. What are the cultural issues in this case? f. What are the referrals you would make and why?...
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