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Anthropology 175, Anthropology of Native America Jan English-Lueck, Spring 2010 Exam #2 Due April 14 Answer four of the following questions. Use clear prose and concrete examples. 1. Compare the goals and contexts of the religious movements of Smoholla and Handsome Lake (Ganaioday’o). 2.Compare the various manifestations of the Ghost Dance--contrasting the goals, and practices of Wovoka’s Paiutes, and Kicking Bear’s Oglala Sioux. 3.Describe the bison-centric adaptation that emerged among people such as the
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Unformatted text preview: Cheyenne and how it influenced gender roles. 4. One strand of contemporary history suggests that the League of the Iroquois influenced the premises of revolutionary American democracy. Discuss this notion and why it faces resistance. 5. Describe A.I.M. and how it fits into efforts to create Pan-Indian ethnicity. Discuss at least two structural obstacles it faces....
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