Mid-Term Review #1

Mid-Term Review #1 - Mid-Term Review: Sales Management...

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Mid-Term Review: Sales Management Sales Techniques – Personal Direct Selling I) Factors that Influence Which Process you use A) Product Importance/ Cost: Higher Cost more Complex sale process B) Cost of Risk: Higher Risk means that they need more complicated process C) Sophistication of Buying Process: what goes into decision making process D) Availability of time: more time = more complex, less time = less complex E) Level of Sales Skills Available: highly skilled = need sat; less skill = formula F) Sales Environment: situations and the individuals involved II) Need Satisfaction Sales Process A) Earn The Right – give them a reason to talk to us 1) Gain Attention, Stimulate Interest, Develop Rapport (a) State Role, Purpose, and Time it will take (b) Make and Opportunity Statement (c) Focus on Decision Maker: their role, background, and interests B) Need Development – find out objectives of customer 1) Determine Buying motives, Define Performance requirements, Qualify Decision Maker (a) Determine decision makers goals (b) Define current performance problems (c) Relate personal objectives to corporate objectives (d) Previous investments they have made (e) Amount of authority/ conditional intent C) Need Recognition 1) Identify Specific Needs, Define Solutions for those Needs, Minimize Common Objections (a) Align their performance problems with the current process they use (b) Identify weaknesses and shortfalls 2) Types of Questions (a) What strategies are you using (b) What would you do if you had this?
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Mid-Term Review #1 - Mid-Term Review: Sales Management...

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