JS 112 03101 Dr. Lorna Pierce and assignments

JS 112 03101 Dr. Lorna Pierce and assignments - JS 112...

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Unformatted text preview: JS 112 031010 Announcements and Assignments I. Assignments- Read Chapter 16 on Fingerprints and fingerprint ppt II. Study for Quiz on Dr. Lorna Pierce Lecture and Ch 16 on Fingerprints III. Bring CSI Kits for Monday follow up on CSI Chain of Custody, documentation and collection IV. Extra credit- Read, print and summarize (500 words) and article on Forensic Anthropology, Forensic toxicology or forensic Drugs/controlled substances analysis in a journal or news/magazine from 2010. Print the article- summarize it (500 words) and write 3 Questions and 3 answers. Bring in hard copy due Monday 15 March. V. Dr. Lorna Pierce- Weds 10 March Bones, Bones, Bones - Identification of human skeletal remains Forensic Anthropology Methods and Casework Dr. Lorna Pierce Adjunct Lecturer SJSU and Santa Clara University Wednesday March 10th, 2010 1330-1445 MH 523 Dr. Lorna Pierce was born in Tennessee and reared in the southern states. She holds undergraduate degrees from Hendrix College and San Jose State University, and a doctorate in anthropology from the...
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