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Operating Expenses - Operating Expenses Operations Includes...

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Operating Expenses Operations – Includes pay roll/salaries for all Seduction employees accounted for (this includes bouncers, servers, bartenders, janitors, and entire staff), utilities, supplies, liquor/ beverages, mortgage payments on building, Our business hours of operation have been accounted for as we make assumptions on our operating expenses. Within the Operations department, we have collected a head count and inventory count to determine our operating expenses. We will assume for the first six months of 2009, Seduction will be operating at 50% capacity; where as, we expect 300 patrons. For the remaining 6 months of the calendar year, we will expect a 10% growth rate each month in the number of patrons. Based on our assumptions, we have increased the operating expenses to accommodate the number of patrons in our nightclub. By the end of the first year, we will reach full capacity. In 2010, we would have reached operations to full capacity, in which we assume our success will continue as we operate at full capacity for the entire year. Subsequently,
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