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Notebook Assignment #5—Creating Characters Due Wednesday, March 10th You get to be a spy again in this exercise. Your assignment this week is to go to a place where people gather—an airport, a bus station, a coffeeshop, a hospital waiting room, a restaurant, a library, a classroom, anywhere you can observe people without being extremely obtrusive. I would like you to begin observing people, noticing details about them (you may have to glance rather than stare—I wouldn’t advise staring at people ). You hopefully will find a person or two who intrigues you, who looks unusual in some way—someone around whom you can imagine a life. Write down a few details about the person, and then, either immediately or later (whichever works for you), write down your imagined sense of at least SIX of the following things about this person: 1) Their attitude in relation to authority figures 2) Their wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, or why they don’t have one
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Unformatted text preview: 3) The thing they are most ashamed of 4) Their job 5) A moment of childhood happiness 6) What their bedroom looks like 7) What’s inside their refrigerator 8) What’s inside their medicine cabinet 9) What’s inside another container in their home: wallet, jewelry box, bedside table, safe deposit box, closet, attic, basement (or the whole house, if you want) 10) Imagine people this person doesn’t want to accidentally meet/bump into. 11) Favorite place to go for refuge, relaxation, etc. 12) Greatest fear 13) Spiritual life I would like you to write your six items in some detail (at least three to four sentences, if not more). You are more than welcome to let your imagination run wild, and to write about multiple people. This is an exercise in learning to create a backstory and a life for characters. Have fun! Please upload this to along with one piece of in-class writing from any class day....
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