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163.9.Disordered Eating.stud - Outline o Why 1. In women In...

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Outline o Why In women In men In athletes What are the major eating disorders? 0. Disordered eating 1. Eating disorders 2. Eating continuum 3. Disordered Eating 0. Less severe than full fledged Eating Disorders 1. American Psychiatric Association (APA) 0. Disordered eating = a broad spectrum of 0. behaviors 1. attitudes 2. coping strategies 3. That result in an emotionally based focus on body shape and body weight. 2. When attitudes about food, weight & body size lead to very rigid eating & exercise habits that jeopardize health, happiness, safety Eating Disorders 4. In women 5. In Men 6. In athletes 7. What to do if… Prevalence o Generally, females between the ages of 15 and 35. o 1-5% in general population ~ 10 million people 3. Approximately 90% are females 4. Predominantly white middle class girls but… Sources of the Problem
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o Low self-esteem*** 5. 6. Distortion of body image 4. Actual versus perceived body weight 5. Many normal and underweight females inaccurately perceive that they are fat o Media 7. Portrays the extremely thin woman as the ideal body type 8. Miss America contestants 6. 30% of contestant winners fall below the WHO’s cutoff for under nutrition, BMI < 18.5 Risk Factors o Psychological risk factors o Interpersonal risk factors o Social risk factors o “Thin is in” o FABT or FABM o Typical female model o Miss America Contest Anorexia Nervosa diagnostic criteria: 9. Anorexia nervosa; may be linked to compulsive personality d/
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163.9.Disordered Eating.stud - Outline o Why 1. In women In...

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