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Final Presentation For your final speech, you are required to write a new speech that follows the criteria for any of the previous speaking assignments. A few modifications to those assignments are necessary and noted below. The primary purpose of this final assignment is to test you ability to write, practice, and present a socially significant speech when given the choice of how and what to cover. Assignment: - Write a speech that is socially significant and between 3 and 5 minutes long. - You may select from any of the previous speech assignments for your style of speech (e.g.
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Unformatted text preview: demonstration, information, persuasion, oral interpretation, etc.). -You are to have your piece well prepared and ready to be delivered without the use of cards or any other form of reading material. Objectives -Demonstrate ability to select a socially significant topic -Demonstrate ability to deliver a speech extemporaneously Grading -100 points possible -40 points devoted to delivery, including extemporaneous delivery style -40 points devoted to content -20 points devoted to social significance...
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