nufs115 Grammar Citation

nufs115 Grammar Citation - “please tell me it’s just...

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Comm100W 17 October, 2007 Grammar Citation Worksheet Smith sees I’m awake and tells me help is on the way; he speaks calmly, even cheerily. His look, as he sits on his rock with his cane drawn across hi lap, is one of pleasant commiseration. “Ain’t the two of us just had the shittiest luck, it says?” He, and Bullet the dog, left the campground where they were staying, but he later tells an investigator, because he wanted, “some of those marzes-bars they have up to the store.” When I heard this little detail some weeks later, it occurs to me that I have nearly been killed by a character right out of one of my own novels; it’s almost funny. Help is on the way I think; and that’s probably good because I’ve been in a hell of an accident. I’m lying in the ditch and there’s blood all over my face and my leg hurts. I look down and see something I don’t like. My lap now appears to be on sideways as if my whole lower body has been wrenched half a turn to the right. I look up at the man with the cane and say,
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Unformatted text preview: “please tell me it’s just dislocated.” “Nah,” he says. Like his face, his voice is cheery, only mildly interested. He could be watching all this on T.V. while he noshes on one of those marzes bars. “It’s broken in five-I’d say, maybe six places.” “I’m sorry,” I tell him, “God knows why-” And then I’m gone again for a little while. It isn’t like blacking out it’s more as if the film of memory has been spliced here and there. When I come back this time, an orange and white can is idling at the side of the road with its flashers going. An emergency medical technician, Paul Fillebrown is his name, is kneeling beside me-He’s doing something. Cutting off my jeans I think; although that might have come later. “My toes-did they move?” I ask, Paul. Hey says, “they did a good healthy wiggle.” “Swear to god?” I ask him, and I think he does....
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nufs115 Grammar Citation - “please tell me it’s just...

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