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Syllabus Philosophy 61 Moral Issues Instructor: Anand J. Vaidya Office: Faculty Offices 205 Office Hours: Tuesday 10:00 – 12:00; 13:00 – 15:00; or by Appointment Office Phone # 408 924 4502 Email: [email protected] Class homepage: Class Email: [email protected] Course Description: In this class we will be focusing on contemporary moral issues, such as the moral status of war, poverty, animal rights, abortion, and pornography. However, prior to that we will spend some time looking at meta-ethics and normative ethics. Text: Today’s Moral Issues: Classical and Contemporary Perspectives 5 th edition, by Daniel Bonevac; McGraw Hill Publishing 2006. [TMS] Student Learning Objectives; Philosophy 61 fulfills G.E. Objectives for area C2: G.E Objectives for area C2: Give students knowledge and understanding of significant works of the human intellect and imagination. Students will examine the interaction of analytical and creative processes in the production and perception of such works, and the significance of the historical and cultural contexts in which the works are created and interpreted. Courses should enable students to participate in social and cultural communities associated with artistic and literary endeavors, enriching their personal and professional lives. Recognize how significant works illuminate enduring human concerns. Respond to such works by writing both research-based critical analyses and personal responses. Write clearly and effectively Learning Objectives for this class: Development of critical thinking, writing, and communication skills. Knowledge and understanding of some central problems of moral philosophy.
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Philosophy_61_Moral_Issues_Syllabus2 - Syllabus Philosophy...

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