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City Patterns Prompt: Take a small town (incorporated) near you. Print a Google map (or other) of it. Draw the town/city growth patterns you see on the paper. Describe why certain patterns are found or not found in your city. (You will generally find both sector and circular models, but may find that your town is peripheral to a larger pattern, or a nucleus of attraction for some businesses. Discuss the major businesses or patterns of business (food, retail type, manufacturing type), and whether they benefit from each others' customers, transportation pattern, or
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Unformatted text preview: land costs (lower). Discuss whether gentrification or filtering is occurring in the vicinity. Finally, discuss whether the city combines service delivery with other towns, and what king of cooperation they use (federation, council of governments, etc.) to make your service delivery less expensive. Note: I have asked questions related to all parts of this prompt on past tests. This prompt is designed to fulfill the writing requirement for this class. More importantly, this prompt should help you get ready for the test. Best wishes, Edward Collins...
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