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Segmentation - Is identifying a group of prospective consumers that are homogeneous in some way.  The character of similarity must relate to their propensity.  - 3 Different types o Geographical – A physical are where say a certain item would sell better than  another area. o Demographical – Who type characteristics (gender, age, nationality). Explains  only about 20% propensity. Easy to obtain. However, it’s very difficult to apply to 
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Unformatted text preview: propensity. o Psycho graphical – How people perceive things and they have their wants based on those perceptions. They explain WHY people do what they do. Easy to correlate to propensity but hard to collect. Ex. Extrinsic and intrinsic value of buying a luxury car like a Mercedes. o Appriory Knowledge – Advance/prior knowledge.-Abraham Maslow o Self Actualization o...
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