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syllabus 110 spring 10 - SAN JOS STATE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE...

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SAN JOSÉ STATE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF SOCIAL WORK SW110: Foundations of Social Work Practice (Course Code: 23403; Section 1) Spring 2010 Office Location: WSQ 217F INSTRUCTOR: Ruth Jacobsen, MSW, LCSW Office Hours: Thurs. 8am-9am Class Meeting Time: Thurs., 9am-11:45am or by appointment Classroom Location: Sweeney Hall Room 312 Messages: (831) 425-3113 Website: E-mail: [email protected] Catalog Description Introduction to the history, mission, values, skills and knowledge base of generalist social work practice within a transcultural perspective. Focus on social work practice with emphasis on those populations at-risk who are disenfranchised and marginalized. (Three units). Co- or Pre-requisite: ScWk 110 is a prerequisite or co-requisite for ScWk 140 Course Description This course provides a conceptual framework for generalist social work practice and an overview of the BASW curriculum. The primary focus of this course is to introduce foundation knowledge necessary for effective interventions. This course is geared to raise the student’s self-awareness, assertiveness, understanding of social work values and ethics, promotion of social and economic justice, and appreciation for diversity. The course will emphasize a strengths perspective to the problem-solving process of empowering the most vulnerable persons, groups and communities to address their concerns. The experience of diverse populations and populations at risk, including women, gays, lesbians, the transgendered, the disenfranchised, oppressed and marginalized groups and the poor will be emphasized. Learning Objectives Upon completion of this course, students will be able to: 1. Understand social work values and ethics by identifying core values central to the profession and how these are manifested in practice. Program Objectives: B1.3 (Values/Ethics) 2. Have knowledge of social work history and traditional social work methods and describe how these interact in generalist social work practice. Program Objectives: B3.3 (History) 1
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3. Have the ability to understand the generalist approach within a problem-solving and transcultural perspective and describe the various roles assumed by social workers as change agents at the micro, mezzo and macro levels. 4. Understand the use of self in relationship with others and foster use of self as an intervention method by being able to identify personal background, values, tendencies and skills that may or may not be helpful in social work practice. Program Objectives: B2.2 (Self-evaluation) 5. Have beginning cultural competence with diverse populations and populations at risk by understanding and defining the issues faced by these populations.
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syllabus 110 spring 10 - SAN JOS STATE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE...

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