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293A F09 Syllabus - SAN JOSE STATE UNIVERSITY Department of...

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SAN JOSE STATE UNIVERSITY Department of Kinesiology Graduate Athletic Training Education Program KIN293A: Field Work in Athletic Training Fall 2009 CONTACT INFO: Instructor: Al T. Douex, Jr., MS, ATC Office: Spartan Complex 071 Phone: (408) 924-3040 E-Mail: [email protected] Office Hours: MW: 515 pm – 645 pm T: 12 pm – 2 pm Classroom: SPX 068 Section Times: (01) F: 9:30 am – 11:20 am COURSE DESCRIPTION: This is a graduate course that offers advanced practical experience in athletic training under the direct supervision of qualified sports medicine professionals. REQUIRED MATERIALS: Instructor will assemble materials and distribute them as needed. COURSE OBJECTIVES: The overall purpose of this course is to provide experiences that will enable students to demonstrate the skills, abilities and attitudes required of an athletic trainer. The student will be able to: 1. Approach problems encountered in diverse athletic training settings and within diverse populations, using sound principles of analysis and problem-solving abilities. 2. Demonstrate knowledge and correct application of assessment and diagnostic/prescriptive techniques to meet the individual needs of patients in the athletic training environment. 3. Utilize the appropriate methods, techniques and materials in the athletic training setting to encourage optimal health care. 4. Communicate and work closely with diverse populations of athletes, coaches and sports medicine support personnel from many backgrounds. 5. Administer an athletic training setting according to the responsibilities outlined in the NATA Athletic Training Domains. 6. Communicate and participate in staff/faculty meetings and staff decision making processes. -1-
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CLINICAL EXPERIENCE: A minimum of 200 hours must be fulfilled at an affiliated site (i.e. San Jose State University, Stanford University, Area High Schools, etc.). These sites are assigned by the instructor. COURSE EVALUATION: This is a pass/fail (Credit/No Credit) course based on the following: 1.
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