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Business 173C Prof. Bennet Fall 2009 College of Business, SJSU Detailed Course Outline Schedule subject to change Class 1: August 24 Course Overview and Introduction to Entrepreneurial Finance Class 2: August 31 Project Pitches Opportunity Assessment Mini Cases: Radar Golf and Intellifit (distributed in class) Reading: Learning by the Case Method (page 1) Identifying and Exploiting the Right Entrepreneurial Opportunity…For You (page 5) New Venture Financing (page 17) Assignment: Business Concepts: One paragraph description of a business idea. This can be a new product for an existing business or a concept for a new business. You should also include why you think this is a good idea. Proof of feasibility is not a requirement. Complete assignment on Blackboard prior to class on August 31. You will also present your idea in class and provide greater detail in a one minute or less elevator pitch. Class 3: September 14 Business Models and Bootstrapping Case Study: Beta Golf (page 147) Reading: Note on Business Model Analysis for the Entrepreneur (page 43) Beta Golf Discussion Questions 1. Why does Beta Group exist? What is the business model for Beta? 2. What is a sensible development plan for the HXL technology? Of the various choices (business models) for exploiting the technology, which would you choose? Why? In what order? 3. Given the response from Callaway, what should Zider and Krumme do next?
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Class 4: September 21 Business Models and Bootstrapping Case Study: Room for Dessert (page 169) Guest Speaker: Logan Green (Founder and CEO, Zimride – ) Reading: How to Write a Great Business Plan (page 31) Assignment: Evaluation of Room for Dessert Business Plan. List 3 strengths and weaknesses of the Room for Dessert Business Plan and explain why you think so. Since the business plan and business are closely related, the items may be about the plan and/or business. Room for Dessert discussion questions: 1. How do you rate the business plan for RFD? How do you rate the business idea itself? (Use a 1-5 scale, 1 being weak and 5 being very strong.) 2. Who is the audience for the plan, what are their needs, and how well does the plan meet those needs? 3. Evaluate the key strengths and weaknesses of the business idea being proposed. What are the key drivers of the economics of the business? 4. Who are the core customers for the business and why might they value the RFD offering relative to alternatives? 5. What are the minimum launch criteria that Conforti and Moore should set for the business prior to actually committing to the venture? Group Projects: Groups to be formed by end of class (3-5 students). Sign-up sheets on Blackboard. Week of September 28 NO CLASS MEETING. CASE DISCUSSION ON BLACKBOARD. Case: Building to a Crescendo (page 201)
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Detailed%20Course%20Outline%20-%20091509 - Business 173C...

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