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Anth 100 W M. Pilloud The goal of this assignment is to prepare a short paper (6-8 pages) for a general/public audience drawing on your expertise in the social sciences. There are two phases to this assignment. The first will be a written descriptive paper that presents a topic with factual information. The purpose of this paper will be to inform. The next phase will be to turn this descriptive paper into an argumentative speech that you will present to the class. This speech will take one side of your paper and will try to convince the class to adopt your position. Along with this speech you will also turn in an annotated bibliography. Paper Topic While choosing your paper topic you should keep in mind that this will later be turned into a persuasive speech. Your topics should focus on issues within the social sciences and anthropology. Examples: Human evolution o Paper – discuss human evolution in a general way – to inform the audience of its arguments and the data available o Speech – persuade the class to adopt a particular viewpoint within anthropology – this can be an argument over punctuated equilibrium vs. phyletic gradualism or of intelligent design vs. biological evolution Social welfare programs o Paper – present facts/data on social welfare programs, what are they, what do they cost, who uses them, etc. o Speech – do social welfare programs work? Draw on data in first paper to present an argument for one side or the other Evolution of Neanderthals o Paper – discuss data on Neanderthals – dates, fossil finds, anatomy, etc. o Speech – are Neanderthals related to humans or are we too different to be the same species? Again, draw on data from first paper to present an argument one way or the other Paper Requirements You will turn in a rough draft of this paper on March 22. We will peer edit these in class (remember, peer editing counts towards your final grade). A final draft will be due April 5 in class. What you will turn in:  Descriptive paper that is 6-8 pages. 12 point font with 1”margins all around. You do not need to include references or a bibliography with this paper, but you should consult references for your information. See grading rubric for a description of how this paper will be graded. 1
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public paper - Complete Guidelines for Research/Analytical...

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