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Three cups of tea - Nov 10 2009"Three Cups of Tea...

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Nov. 10, 2009 “Three Cups of Tea” Discussion Questions Geog 112 Part I: #1 The book “Three cups of tea,” by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin is great. It shows how a one man’s dedication could change the life of many. Greg Mortenson, author and the main character in this book shows that impossible is nothing. Anything is possible if you put your mind and soul in to it. He built schools and all the needs for the schools without having anything at first. The story of his life got me thinking. What do I need to do to change the world? I always thought that only money and connection could change the world. But after reading the book, “Three Cups of Tea,” I have learned that all you need is a dream or goal and dedication to achieve that goal. The life that Mortenson lived to help those children inspires me. In the future, I would like to start an organization to help those in need. My dream was to provide fresh drinking water to those in poverty. This is because I have learned that human could survive days without food but human cannot survive without water. People in poor countries get sick or die every minute due to drinking bad water. How I could achieve this dream is still a question, but one day I will sense the same accomplishment that Mortenson felt when he finished his first school. “One cup at a time” philosophy is very interesting. This philosophy is the belief in Pakistan that if you are offered one cup of tea, you are a guest to that person or home. If you are offered two cups of tea, you have now become a friend, and if you are offered three cups of tea, you are a member of the family. This philosophy allowed all the deals to be successful in building the schools. This philosophy shows many features of Pakistan people. You could see how defensive Pakistan people are. They have set a rule or philosophy such as three cups of tea to defend themselves in case the guest that they are meeting with is not a good person to deal with. I guess this defensiveness came about their life due to years of
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war and corruptions though out the land. The “one cup at a time” philosophy is not new to me. Long time ago there used to be very similar philosophy among Korean people and drinking alcohol. Many of the drinking culture and philosophy changed over the years but in the past drinking was a way of accepting a person as a guest, friend or family. I guess I could call it a “one drink at a time” philosophy. People usually get together to drink to loosen up to
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Three cups of tea - Nov 10 2009"Three Cups of Tea...

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