Isaac Appendix - List of P ropositions in Jesus et Israel...

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Unformatted text preview: List of P ropositions in Jesus et Israel 149 APPENDIX camps; it is always he, his suffering is never ended. Ah, to be done with all this, and to begin all over again! 'I'o meet on the morning of the Resurrection and to clasp Israel to our hearts, weeping, without a word. For after Auschwitz, only tears can have meaning. Christian, wipe the tears and the blood from the face of your Jewish brother, and the countenance of your Christ will shine upon you both.-Julien Green, J ournol in Revue. de Paris, June, 1949 Jules Isaac's J esus et I sraCl was placed before my eyes, as if by chance, at a time when I was seeking to clarify some ideas on this problem which is closer to my heart than any other . .A first reading of the twenty-one propositions which form the backbone of this work is so overwhelming in its effect that one dare not remain silent while Israel is raising such a cry of anguish. The author is often right; it is disgraceful how right he is, and it would be just as disgraceful for us not to try to answer him; for many of the charges he brings against us are, I fear, the same ones by which we will one day be undone before a Judge in- finitely more powerful than he. For there is no escaping the fact that we Christians are almost all responsible in degrees which vary mysteriously from one soul to the next, according to our capacity for understanding; and-T csns' Passion continues to be acted out night and day in the world. Once having been nailed on the Roman cross, he has been persecuted through his own race with inexorable cruelty. We cannot raise our hand against a Jew without striking with the same blow him who is the man par excellence and, at the same time, the flower of Israel; and it is Jesus who suffered in the concentration LIST OF PROPOSITIONS IN JESUS ET ISRAjEL Introduction: A Prelirn.inary Look at the Old Testament 1. The Christian religion is the daughter of the Jewish religion. The New Testament of the Christians is built upon the foundation...
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Isaac Appendix - List of P ropositions in Jesus et Israel...

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