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- Content Analysis o The study of culture as reflected in our media and literature. - Summary o Characteristics of social class o Measuring social class o Examples of cultural values o Measuring cultural Values - Thought Questions o How does consumption in the United Stated differ from that in other countries? o What ideas can be used to attain more careful consumption? - Consumerism o Consumption Issues o Tips for Consumption Management - Consumerism o Practice and policies of protecting the consumer by publicizing o Defective products o Misleading Business Practices etc. - Consumption Issues o U.S. consumption compared to other countries o Worldwide Issues 800 million worldwide are chronically hungry
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Unformatted text preview: -Tips for Consumption Management o Why manage Consumption? o Being mindful of consumption helps to Prepared for a layoff or illness Enhance the ability to change jobs or careers Allow spending in accordance with principles(e.g., buy organic food)-Voluntary Simplicity Tools o Life Energy versus Earnings Consider what your hourly wage would be if you deducted the monetary and time costs of work.-Fulfillment Curve o Money spent on goods goes from one level noted below to the next Survival Comforts Luxuries Enough...
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5-5-09 Content Analysis.docx - -Tips for Consumption...

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