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Unformatted text preview: Matrix Operations on the TI-83/84 Written by Jeff O’Connell – Ohlone Colleg e http://www2 le2/joconnell/ti/ Entering a Mat rix: Press [2nd][MATRX] ( TI-83+/84) or [ MA TRX] (TI-83) to see a screen with a menu that looks as shown in screen 1. Th e d imensions on the right of the names show that there is a matr ix stored there. To enter a matr ix scroll to [ED IT] th en down to the matr ix name you wan t, press [ENTER]. You ar e then asked for the size of th e matr ix (rows ! co lumns), th en you may en ter th e values for each en try. Pressing enter af ter each value moves you to th e lef t until th e end of the row, pr essing en ter again mov es you to the n ext row . After th e matrix h as b een enter ed press [2nd][QUIT] to return to th e home screen. Once the matrix has been entered you can select the matrix from [NA MES] in the matrix menu. Th e rest of the examples w ill be in refer ence to th e matr ix shown in screen 2 . Screen 1 Screen 2 Row operat ions: The three row op erations can be found by pressing [ MA TRX], scrolling to [ MA TH] and scro lling dow n (or up). Examp les of row oper ations: Swap rows 1 and 2 ( R1 ! R 2 ) Multiply row 3 by 4 ( 4R3 ! R3 ) Add –4 times row 1 to row 2 ( !4 R1 + R 2 " R 2 ) Note 1: You must select the n ame of the matrix from the matrix menu. Pu tting squar e brackets around A will not call the matrix . Note 2: If you are do ing many row operations on th e same matr ix you should use [ANS] instead of th e name of th e matr ix af ter the first row operation. Row Echelon Form ( ref) and Reduced Row Echelon Form (rref) : Press [ MATRX], scro ll to [MATH], scroll down (or up) to select the d esir ed form fo llow ed by the n ame of the matr ix and press en ter. For example: Inverse Matrices: Select the name of the matr ix and pr ess [ x ]. Th e matrix A above is not inver tib le so w e consider !1 It is so metimes handy to conver t to fractions. Th is can be do ne by pressing [ MA TH] and selecting [ ! Frac]. This command works for any compu tation, not just w ith matrices. To convert B !1 to fr actions do as follow s: Addition and Multiplication: These op erations are done w ith th e regu lar multip lication and addition key s along w ith the names of the matrices. For ex amp le consid er matr ices [B] and [ C] sho wn in screen 3 with the computations in screen 4. Screen 3 Screen 4 ...
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