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joconnellmatrix - Matrix Operations on the TI-83/84 Written...

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Matrix Operations on the TI-83/84 Written by Jeff O’Connell – [email protected] Ohlone College http://www2.ohlone.edu/people2/joconnell/ti/ Entering a Matrix: Press [2 nd ][MATRX] (TI-83+/84) or [MATRX] (TI-83) to see a screen with a menu that looks as shown in screen 1 . The dimensions on the right of the names show that there is a matrix stored there. To enter a matrix scroll to [EDIT] then down to the matrix name you want, press [ENTER]. You are then asked for the size of the matrix (rows ! columns), then you may enter the values for each entry. Pressing enter after each value moves you to the left until the end of the row, pressing enter again moves you to the next row. After the matrix has been entered press [2 nd ][QUIT] to return to the home screen. Once the matrix has been entered you can select the matrix from [NAMES] in the matrix menu. The rest of the examples will be in reference to the matrix shown in screen 2 . Screen 1 Screen 2 Row operations : The three row operations can be found by pressing [MATRX], scrolling to [MATH] and scrolling down (or up).
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