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Early on in In Mixed Company , Rothwell Began discussing the importance of communication when working in groups. Rothwell stresses this idea because he has found that competent communication leads to the best group productivity. When groups are striving for their goals and accomplishments, the group begins to blend and work together more efficiently as each member finds and plays their own role. Rothwell writes, “A group role is the pattern of expected behavior associated with parts that we play in groups.” (139). This suggests that people are different and tend to fit into a role that is best suitable for them and the group. Sometimes, a person will have unique characteristics and after acting in certain way that adapt a role unwillingly. According to Rothwell, there two different types of roles categorized as formal and informal. When a position is assigned to a person to play a specific role, that person is playing a formal role. An informal role differs from formal because an informal role emerges within the
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