HdOut2Cont.-MutualFundsSpclTpcs - (r ( Ch"t + tli (ta...

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(r 6 11 'V.tf iau= 5. *u t ,'h r-> /HrrA l;,, -2 CEtr ( Ch"t l + tli (ta I t_hr,r t t (7-f.,^+z,c-tr:rs,, Ca*/) fnLr,tntL.,."^(- F"- (i4,-,-un, / E6-r><nse') C clfnfni+'itct;t (' .ty4r-?r.jr,,af) Y.s /r< -- hh t,,*,/ l'J | "tt ' ('3r r,'tt- 7 ai n'ts ( A 4r",r", lz.b*t F."t ILu"o,)*t I ?u 1vl+ I f,--r- --1. k-*.-,itt .2.<+ lJ",l Ye* LA,n'-rit>iail - E.T-F N,, l-rroJ t Ne,{,: i 7"ubl;eh.,,/ ftiu;n5 q;e nd ."F t1.,-t,u.,( EAFe,zr€c but n"qi n e/" t:F 'T-,^.t r-t2 <) c:t/i t:r> 1.Wf Lail -- "-trr u h'an 3o l/ C l'un^{'. cl I ar,//4 ; -f E,-./\ (i3"'c'K F-/r C c Len*l /H ('AJ wtsflt- SoL/ ;A.> fnfvifr D9c Vh;eh it> 1,4 7 r-n/ar- / * r n,/ F.,r./+ Ft.y
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.,,-yt,eil)'*tu+" LEF: fr lu/ tl u ( (ci: Sitrt-t ntary P n, Mnv 7;:-;n1 \--------=l- -l-fa"+---J nnth, r, J- (-a /> I - l^f-rs.fia n -(--\-a --a1arn.+t 7- ,/ .l [-$-nu,t) _,---+- '3olc ol sf^,+"r, l/f.- ,F I nn.sto" X {}ue ,- fu'-' K f *- (vA t/ E nl oF Do, ,/ f,.-rl l, -r.ry" 7 .s,t^t / Lev=rale: Cptnn ;e5;o-7 /) lvA v ( =-.,-,-\ Y-> (u:'rha>,2 / Rc/eu=. -f t'/AV Lanq icrrn N int c+-l'21; e tfl- c'^ qafr,'e or f 435i.'C- po. f fulfag t -- Tntro - D- _ / ,'= DA" 1-o/7- Df atu< f4r.=t = Ll frerc,nt -Shar7 /t- rr'.ra:: Y-+ frlir rt ,- z arl, b,1r.12, be-f ,s c.n ET7aPS ^nJ Scc.eriTiat i '- GitFl;"( M A Vt C ,..r,rt r 25. ot1 /-= f- P P,, fh<n i" i c7r'za2lv= rn.cn1 "1
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-fn, -.-'l;rt.n,t 7r,tT' .!.,, v'.1'.t,c-lc,> -l t -)c. .d {v (ct' t - t(qt zlclf:-:' i'>'f,'<> fnuT.t,f T;.r. .o'( -!i.-nE *.*,':". (" ,:r) v,'z-oft a ,> t{ -, .r- r .+ '-( i'-'tl!--7,i.t J- : ):- d r u' (, ;., tnl i, Lt.t. .2; t .C: , i> -'= Nftv' ( f'r-"",.o iu'[7 l,' t , ,l J ., ri't'-":t-cr .'r ,tt:ry ) ()znfrr't -a I y' 't'h; r',.',i4tu:7 '[i''r,,1';,v1 ,7 ftara h..r<L*;e g,,. .r.,o.!)" _,r.,-, /f f. l9'2; n'r:-/ ,,-r,tc:E*,/' -. 4-^ .1. '>, t tZ\(e:e\.a.,> { P x* /v,AL. i-"; >,.'!': ], : f*,f-./ i).:-", | ,n ,tll lr-.4c. l,-J Scz-lf4t>2/ .t4 &' f iiW; f:- it"i"215, fu-r "--'i- t;i/'€ 1-1.=,7f 11 d i- 1)7<;f( Dc''f7'c- c:. Wlt riyle- ilt112t,t p-<, ''f rc,'-.( sfre'Ir:1;eQ,o,tti, ,=r/ ntj/ h6_ ,ir*l,n2a i".,t), t'-2:1 .-.- 1t t) ciaL. ...hL i(;. .:a!ic, tlcr,,-t! .. fr.-.1 c:7'i r"> c:,,)( y, Li s-'.^./ l, a,i'c., ()zi fir>a\,+2, [VlA L,. ,:t, ltt. t>l:,e-{ fi*.t ("t't tc 4f ortl! {- C-*':'' I ) ; !:' l*+.) 4.,.-",.r li t ,_.r,/r, li. .r,, )- .F ) I I lttt< l- ,:' il 1iY*f,e','ir5 1 a,z! t A/dV' t, r't->4,t1 , i .--,. ,. A r -J v .:7 la,, * , f"l F- (L<;,,-i\t f;''t!-r/' , int-t,--'' ct il)/ ,.'.r,"7-.-- c .-n "P,,.r" ./' l,7rz,,l o'l t <i-r.<:tlt Tt',rc'it''> t t'*i 'J -li"ttt,. I lr- I-"ar7/'1 77.,,,j,n-" i:t-r,:: Fz':rticiT b/:fpr nt7\- /".,- fl; i;rr*J'" di(zti: la':i;r a::;"-1y7s.a{ /' Fl o n i-*,f U.Z /1 ft f.z,-.,,-I €?Ei:tr.,:rt: t:)+- ytf. r:i{. .'-' L;L'L rx.-- fi.t- I!,. .-- i.'ii, 1,i., v':<:.:'t 4.-.- >l:'j, "'9 ,-l! 11
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HdOut2Cont.-MutualFundsSpclTpcs - (r ( Ch&quot;t + tli (ta...

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