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Oral_Presentation - the following points • What is the...

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100W Oral Presentation of the Final Project We frequently need to present our work to a group of people, both at school and work, and the best way to prepare for such events is through practice. The purpose of this assignment is to share with the class your final project, as well as to reflect on your feelings and observations about your writing. Keep in mind the elements of good vocal and physical delivery, and speech organization. Your presentation should be well practiced and 3-4 minutes in length. To prepare for this presentation consider
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Unformatted text preview: the following points: • What is the purpose of my paper? • Who is my audience? • What are the major themes that run through this paper? • What are the implications of this work? • What 2-3 observations, conclusions, critiques, etc. am I especially proud of? Quote these. • In what ways do I feel I’ve improved as a writer? • In what ways do I feel I’m still growing as a writer? Point breakdown Content 5 Organization 2.5 Delivery 2.5 Total 10 points My Presentation Date: __________________________________...
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