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Unified School District Islam

Unified School District Islam - San Joaquin Unified School...

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San Joaquin Unified School District Teaching World Religions Program Islam brief outline of topics covered Dr. Mira Z. Amiras, Professor of Comparative Religious Studies Humanities Department San Jose State University http://sjsu.edu/people/mira.amiras/ 1. Descent and the Jahilliyah Abraham—the Prophet Abraham Ishmael Arabs Qurai’ish Tribe Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) Descent traced through FATHER Jahilliyah : Arabian tribalism and regional conflict The Umma’ as a new paradigm Al-Thaqalayn—Hadith of the Two Weighty Matters (Ibn Hanbal) ‘I have left among you two weighty matters which if you cling to them you shall not be led into error after me. One of them is greater than the other: the Book of God which is a rope stretched from Heaven to Earth, and my progeny, the people of my house [ahl al-bayt]. These two shall not be parted until they return to the Pool (Paradise). (Moojen Momen translation) Sources for this approach: Hodgeson, Marshall —The Venture of Islam—Vol. 1 Momen, Moojen —Introduction to Shi’i Islam—(first couple chapters) Brunner, Rainer
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