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Name______________________________ Paper Evaluation Sheet Formatting _______/5% - Double-spaced, 12-point font, 1” Margins Organization _______/10% - Introduction Paragraph o Strong thesis statement o Preview sentence for each major section - Conclusion Paragraph o Summary sentence for each major section o Restated thesis Paragraphs _______/20% - Topic sentence that forecasts the main idea of the paragraph - Body sentences are complete (subject and verb) - At least five sentences in length and not more than ten - Transition sentences that justify a shift to the next paragraph Evidence _______/20% - Course readings are used as sources for explaining concepts
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Unformatted text preview: -Non-course related materials are used to back up claims -Sources are cited in-text using APA citation style -An APA style references page is attached to back of the document Editing _______/10% -Grammar and spelling -Punctuation Prose _______/5% -Use active, not passive voice -Avoid modifiers such as “extremely” or “very” Assignment _______/30% -Thoroughly answer the questions of the assignment in relation to the arguments evaluated -Focus on the critical thinking aspects of the assignment and not on describing the arguments -1500 words...
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