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Third analysis Legacy of Asia2010

Third analysis Legacy of Asia2010 - modernization and...

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Third analysis paper due Wednesday, 5 th May, 2010. Though both were committed to social justice and nation building, Mao held that power came out of the mouth of a gun while Gandhi claimed that the root of power was moral force. Your response needs to compare and contrast the two men in terms of their ends and their means. In your response, analyze the leadership of Mao and Gandhi and the contributions of each leader in the making of China and India as independent nations. Examine how Gandhi and Mao came to construct such complex national identities and whether these identities have been practiced by both societies on the face of
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Unformatted text preview: modernization and globalization. In what way Gandhi and Mao are influential in the modern India and China? To complete this reflection, you will need to draw on the assigned readings,e.g, Heinz, Paz, Tharoor and Grasso. If You CONSULT ANY OTHER RESOURCES, please use proper citation and reference. Your reflection should be at least 2pages , typed , double-spaced , with standard fonts (10- or 12-pt.) and margins. Please include your name, date, and major at the top of the paper. Please check your grammar and sentence structure before submitting the final copy. Due: beginning of class , Wednesday, May 5 th , 2010....
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