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sweatshop lecture - increasing labor productivity and help...

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11/14/06 Econ 1B Salzburg Seminar Sweatshop Wages and Third World Workers: Are the Jobs Worth the Sweat? On Monday, November 13, 2006, the San Jose State University Salzburg program held a presentation and reception in the university room. The presentation consisted of Dr. Benjamin Powell, SJSU Salzburg Fellow department of economics, addressing sweatshop wages and third world workers. After his presentation, Darci Arnold of the SJSU Salzburg Fellow Interdisciplinary studies and Gil Villagran of the SJSU Salzburg Fellow school of social work responded to Powell’s speech. In “the Anti-sweatshop Movement”, Powell touched on several topics including justify wages, boycott,
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Unformatted text preview: increasing labor productivity, and help. According to the speech, “Sweat or Starve?”, Gill Villagran discusses how the companies using third world workers pay their wages. He presented several different wages being paid in different countries. The Nike in Vietnam was paying their third world employees $0.18/hr. The three speakers discussed similar issues for the most part, meanwhile the speakers expanded on their ideas. Darci Arnold pointed out the importance for media to address this problem, because they are corporate driven companies. Furthermore, she explained how the wages need to be raised in order for the countries to develop their middle class....
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