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Chapter7 Review Questions

Chapter7 Review Questions - layers must be cut before you...

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Review Questions Chapter 7 From Textbook 1. Are the dorsal root ganglia in the central or peripheral nervous system? 2. Is the myelin sheath of optic nerve axons provided by Schwann cells or oligodendroglia? Why? 3. Imagine that you are a neurosurgeon, about to remove a tumor lodged deep inside the brain. The top of the skull has been removed. What now lies between you and the brain? Which
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Unformatted text preview: layers must be cut before you reach the CSF? 4. What is the fate of tissue derived from the embryonic neural tube? Neural crest? Other Review Questions 5. Name two neural tube defects; mention in what part of the neural tube the problem occurred and the outcome. 6. Which embryonic layer gives rise to the neural tube?...
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