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Essay Workshop: Organization, Verbs, and Syntax Part I Organization 1. Read introduction: highlight assertion, mark “O” for observation or “A” for argument 2. Choose any two paragraphs : For each, highlight topic sentence or sentence with main idea. 3. Does each paragraph have a single and developed idea that is relevant to your argument? 4. If more than one idea, mark where a new idea begins. Make it into a new paragraph and develop. 5. Does this paragraph contain AXES? Make note of what is missing or needs revision/development: an Assertion (a single point that supports your argument) eXamples (Quotes) that support your assertion Explanations that prove why your eXamples back up your argument Significance: Why is this assertion/example significant to you or a general 6. Does this paragraph support your assertion? 7. Finished? Tackle the next paragraph. 8. Are these paragraphs in a logical order that will lead your reader to accept your argument? Create a Post-Draft Outline. What does this reveal about the organization and development of your
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