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team 4 chapter 18 - Megan Hougardy JS 112 Team 4 Chapter 18...

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Megan Hougardy March 29, 2010 JS 112 Team 4 Chapter 18 pg. 452-455 Question #1: True or False- Questioned documents are limited to materials only A: False- questioned documents may also include markings found on walls, windows, doors, etc. Q #2: Name the two corresponding methods of writing created in 1880 and 1895 A: Palmer method and Zaner-Bloser method Q#3: Name three ways in which a person’s handwriting might be altered. A: 1) utensil used 2) Under the influence of narcotics 3) State of mind (hurried?) Summary: Document examiners require several skills which include: photography, microscopy, and chromatography. Handwriting is different between individuals (like fingerprints). Most obvious characteristic is style. The unconscious handwriting of an individual can never be identical. No conclusion in based on a single characteristic, rather conclusions are based on the sum of characteristics and their likelihood of origin. pg 455-456 Collection of handwriting exemplars: The exemplar is the most important document for determining the outcome of a comparison. The suspect writing should be similar to the question document. Especially since styles and habits might be altered if the person switches from type of pencil, pen and even the paper is rule. Natural variations: normal deviation found between repeated specimens of an individual’s handwriting or any printing device since no two specimens can be repeated in every detail by the same person. No signature is exactly the same as the previous ones. Obtaining writing samples:
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team 4 chapter 18 - Megan Hougardy JS 112 Team 4 Chapter 18...

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