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Time: Your 134A Numb Consumer Behavior Data Analysis Homework: Version - This project is a class homework assiqnment. . Late assigrnments will- receive no credit unless accompanied by rel-evant documentation explaining the tardiness. Students are welcome to turn the assignment in early to the instructor or to her mailbox (time stamped) in BT 750 (which is open during the work week from B:O0-noon, and from 13:00-l-7:00, except on Fridays when it closes at l-6:30). To be eligible for full credit on this assignment, make sure right now that there are 10 double-sided suIrreys attached to this page. Notify the instructor if there are more or l-ess than 10 surveys. Then, follow the directions below. A. You wifl use SPSS to see if there is a statistically significant difference in the responses from males and females for two specific survey questions. Your assignment is to statistically analyze the responses for both question *'J'' and quescion "L. " Righi now, iook at one of the attacheo surveys to find where these qr:estions are located. Note that you and your classmates have been given different surveys and questions to examine. B. Create an Excel spreadsheet usinq columns similar to those on the "sample Spreadsheet, " which is provided on the reverse side of this page. Input into the first column of your spreadsheet the survey data for "participant number. " The second column should have informat.ion for "gender" (survey question "D"); input *1" for male participants and \\2il for female participants. The third and fourth columns shoufd have the data corresponding to the questions you have been asked to analyze (in part \\A// above) . Print out the spreadsheet, using at least 12-point font. Write your name, your L34A number, and your section time on the top of the page. C. Use SPSS to analyze the data by gender for the two questions that you have been assigrned. Be sure you are using the correct statistical test. Turning in analyses that are inappropriate may lower your grade. "Gender,"
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ConsumerBehavDataAnalHW134.pdf - Section Time Consumer...

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