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JS110 CASE VIGNETTES AND ROLE PLAYS 1 Vignette: Family Disturbance Crisis. 2 Vignette: Mental Illness Crisis 4 Vignette: Rape Crisis 6 Vignette: Domestic Violence Crisis No 1 8 Vignettes of Suicide Crisis 10 Role Play: Neighborhood Dispute Mediation. 11 Role Play: Landlord-Tenant Dispute Mediation 13 Role Play: Child Custody Dispute Mediation 14 Role Play: Work Place Dispute 15 Role Play: Burglary: Victim-Offender Restoration 16 Role Play: Father-Son Reconciliation 17 Role Play: 18 Role Play: Dependency Mediation for Drug Addicted Mother 20 DIRECTIONS FOR ROLE PLAYS & FOR OBTAINING CREDIT FOR ROLE PLAY 23 EVALUATION CRITERIA FOR ROLE PLAYS 25 1 Copyright © 2009 by Janet R. Johnston 1 1
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Vignette: Crisis: Family Disturbance. Part 1. You are a volunteer on a crisis hot line at a local family agency, which includes emergency telephone counseling and home visits where indicated. A woman calls the emergency crisis line, crying and distraught. She says her husband, the stepfather of her 13 year old son, and the boy are in an altercation (fighting with one another) and now the boy is threatening to run away. Her son has run away before so that she knows he will do that again. Moreover, the boy has been recently diagnosed as diabetic, and has not yet been stabilized on insulin treatments. He has been refusing to cooperate with his diet and she knows he could be in serious trouble if he runs away and falls into a coma. She pleads with you not to call the police because she does not want her husband to get into trouble - she says he is only trying to do what he thinks is right i.e., to straighten the boy up because he has gotten himself into a lot of trouble over the last few months. She is reluctant to give you the family name or address because she doesn’t trust that the police won’t be informed. She is also afraid that her husband will be angry at her because he thinks she has always been too lenient on the boy - i.e. far too permissive. There is angry shouting, loud thumping, crashing and banging noises in the background. What kind of information would you try to gather on the telephone to help you assess the dangerousness of this situation?. What would you do to persuade the woman to give you her name and to allow you, or some other person (e.g. police or social welfare officer) to visit the home? What kind of information would indicate whether it is appropriate to bring in the authorities regardless of the family’s wishes? How would you go about preparing the family members for a visit, and what measures would you take to secure your own protection and the safety of all the family members? 2
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JS110_Vignettes_x_Role_Plays_2009 - 1 JS110 CASE VIGNETTES...

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