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Grading Guidelines, H210a March 22, 2010 Grading Guidelines Some of you expressed concern about grading in the feedback form. We’ve already covered this subject during class but I wanted to repeat the main points. Presentation and Participation Credit (30%) You will receive full credit if you attend the class, participate in class discussions, and present a book to the class. This is hard to quantify absolutely. In general, this means speaking during class sessions, asking and answering hard questions, and making an effort to establish connections within and between texts. If you want to know your grade for this portion of the class, make an appointment or come speak to me during my office hours. I prefer not to email this grade to you. Papers (50%) If you make all the revisions suggested, you will
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Unformatted text preview: receive an “A” for the paper. If you do not want to make the revisions, let me know and I’ll grade the paper as is. When your paper meets the requirements for an “A,” I’ll t ell you know (usually via email) to write the next précis. Again, I am ready to look at multiple drafts of the first two papers . This will enable you to understand fully the requirements. I will expect you to turn in the final three papers without my input (as you would for any other class). Exam (20%) Sample questions are posted on the website. Essentially, you will make an argument using the texts we’ve read collectively. Like any other paper, your grade will be based on the following: Clarity Thoroughness - examples and details included Persuasiveness...
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