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Psych 107 Psych of Women Gender and Community Project Final Presentation Worth 40 Points Team Grade Given Unless Contributions are Clearly Unequal This will be conducted as a 10 to 15 minute oral presentation. All content will be displayed using the projector. Not all team members need to present orally but all members must contribute to developing the presentation. Dr. Klaw will use your project plan and list of individual contributions as a guide to grade the assignment. 1-Why : Briefly explain why this project is important. Provide relevant statistics. (e.g. X % of college students experience relationship violence). (5 points) 2- Who: Describe the intended audience for this project (e.g. college students, teens, parents, military personnel). (2 points) 3-What: A-Describe the product you created and note why you chose that medium (e.g. a radio PSA, a website, an informational pamphlet). (8 points)
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Unformatted text preview: B-Show all content of that product (e.g. show the video or slide show, present the results of your interviews, distribute the letter or brochure you created). (15 points) 4-How: A-Describe your plan for disseminating this information (e.g. posting on a specific website, providing electronic copies of the brochure to Dr. Klaw to distribute to the WRC, Counseling Services, the Office of Student Conduct, and the Health Center, presenting to McKinley School Girls Group, sending a letter to Congressional Representatives) (3 points) B-Give the audience suggestions as to what they should do now (e.g. where to distribute your material, who to call to advocate for your suggested change). (2 points) C-Question and answer: Solicit questions and feedback from your audience. (5 points) List each team member and describe their contribution to the project....
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