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JS 112- Criminalistics Laboratory Report Format- General Guidelines These are general guidelines for all of your laboratory reports. You will be provided specific questions for each laboratory that you should include and answer in the Discussion Section. Laboratory reports must be either printed using a high-resolution printer or hand printed in ink. Reports are generally due the week following the experiment. However, due dates as deemed necessary during the course of the lab and class will be announced. Please do not use white-out. If you make an error, strike through the error once in ink, and initial and date next to the strike through. Tape and sign over tape seal to Enter typed reports- see greensheet. A laboratory report will have the following sections: Title: The title should include the class name and laboratory- eg JS 112 Fingerprint Laboratory Your full name and Date: Provide the date of the laboratory report. Note that as you include data entries you should be sure the date they were completed is accurate. That is, make sure you indicate the date you
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