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Bibliography Foulke, Laura. (1993). A Fresh Look at Food Preservatives. U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Retrieved April 20, 2008, from USFDA. <> Franklin, Deborah. Preventing bitter batter: Trials of BHA. Science News. 25(9), 133- 135. Retrieved April 20, 2008, from Academic Search Premier. (8834614) Ito, N. & Hirose, M. (1987). The role of antioxidants in chemical carcinogenesis. Japanese Journal of Cancer Research, 78, 1011-1026. McCann, Donna. (2007). Food Additives and Hyperactive Behaviour.
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Unformatted text preview: The Lancet. 370(9598), 1560-1567. Rallof, Janet. Additives may make youngsters hyper. Science News. 172(22), 349-350. Retrieved April 20, 2008, from Academic Search Premier. (30004757) Riley, Hugh.(2008). The Organic Advantage. Prevention. 60(5), 71-73. Retrieved April 20, 2008 from Academic Search Premiere (31578289). "The Up-side of Preservatives." The University of California, Berkeley Wellness Letter (May 1995). 4(2). Retrieved April 20, 2008 by Expanded Academic ASAP Gale. (9505043005)...
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