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English 1B Fall 2008 Research Topics – Global Issues Consumers and the Market Fair Trade: best to focus on a particular product, e.g. coffee, chocolate, clothes, Child labor: maybe focus on a particular country and/or industry, rug-making, agriculture, the sex trade, etc. The Micro-loan movement (Kiva, Grameen Bank, etc) Free-trade zones: pros and cons, who really benefits? Outsourcing: evaluate, discuss cost/benefit, focus on a particular industry and/or country. Social Entrepreneur trend: pick a focus, maybe a prominent example (e.g. John Wood, Jim Mortensen), discuss career trends in the field, etc. Genetic engineering in agriculture.: focus on a particular product or issue, such as foreign trade, relation to imperialism, preserving indigenous foods, safety, the environment, etc. Human Rights Slavery today: again, maybe focus on a particular industry or country Child soldiers Conflict diamonds The Lost Boys, resettlement Refugee crisis: the Sudanese refugees’ case gets the most press lately, but there
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Fall_2008_Research_topicsx_global_issues - English 1B Fall...

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