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197 COMPETENCIES OF PRACTICE (ATRA, 2008, revised) PROGRAMIING TREATMENT/PROGRAMS: 1. SKILL IN ACTIVITY AND TASK ANALYSIS 2. SKILL IN INTEGRATING SYSTEMATIC METHODS OF PT EVALUATION AND  PROGRAM EVALUATION INTO TX PROGRAM PLANS 3. Ability to apply accreditation, regulatory and therapeutic recreation standards of practice  in the development, implementation and evaluation of treatment plans. 4. Ability to select evidence-based tx interventions according to diagnosis, age, cultural  socioeconomic factors, and pt preferences to tx problems and limitations associated with  specific medical, psychiatric or other disabling conditions. 5. Ability to design and plan evidence based tx interventions programs, protocols, 
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Unformatted text preview: guidelines and pathways, including such factors as contraindications precautions, accommodations and adaptations, to improve physical cognitive social or emotional functioning of pts. 6. Ability to select appropriate tx interventions including such factors as type, frequency, duration and intensity, to achieve stated goals and outcomes 7. Ability to use evidence based tx interventions/programs, protocols, guidelines, and pathways and facilitation techniques to accomplish desired outcomes. IMPLEMENTING TREATMENT PROGRAMS: ALL COMPETENCIES MODALITIES AND FACILITATION TECHNIQUES: ALL COMPETENCIES MODALITIES AND FACILITATION TECHNIQUES: ALL COMPETENCIES...
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