Grading Rubric

Grading Rubric - 30-31 = D 59 or below = F 29.5 or below =...

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Anthropology 115 - Emerging Global Culture Grading Rubric 100 points scale 50 points scale 98-100 = A+ 49-50 = A+ 93-97 = A 46.5-48.5 = A 90-92 = A- 45-46 = A- 87-89 = B+ 43.5-44.5 = B+ 83-86 = B 42-43 = B 80-82 = B- 40-41.5 = B- 77-79 = C+ 38.5-39.5 = C+ 73-76 = C 36.5-38 = C 70-72 = C- 35-3 = C- 67-69 = D+ 33.5-34.5 = D+ 63-66 = D 31.5-33 = D 60-62 = D-
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Unformatted text preview: 30-31 = D- 59 or below = F 29.5 or below = F A An "A" paper demonstrates original thought and insight, in addition to completing the assignment. It shows effective organization, uses clear, relevant and accurate examples, or statistics and other evidence that provide solid support for the argument. The quality of the writing is excellent. Material taken from other sources is always cited appropriately; references are complete and well-organized. B A "B" does exactly what the assignment asks, but little more. On the whole it is well-organized and uses effective examples or provides good evidence, but may have problems with paragraph organization, spelling, or grammar. It has a conclusion that summarizes the main points of the piece, but adds little original thought. Citation may be uneven; references incomplete. C "C" papers do not effectively complete the assignment, or are uneven. They provide some evidence and examples. Paragraph organization may be weak; the paper may have significant writing problems with grammar and clarity of expression. The paper may fail to cite sources consistently or provide adequate information for references. D "D" papers fail to address the assignment or show very little effort. Organization of the paper is extremely weak; writing shows many problems, that indicate the need for outside help....
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Grading Rubric - 30-31 = D 59 or below = F 29.5 or below =...

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