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Comm. 40 Argument # 1 Proposition of Fact Worth 50 points Purpose of the assignment: The emphasis on this assignment is on the clear explanation of some debatable point of information. Choose a topic that is socially relevant and interesting to the audience. Topics must be approved in advance by me. Requirements: 1. You are to advocate a specific proposition of fact. 2. The speech should be about 3 or 4 minutes long. 3. Your introduction should include a preview of your main points. 4. Your conclusion should summarize your main points, and attempt to elicit the agreement of your audience. 5. There should be clear, smooth, and logical transitions connection between the main points. 6. Each main point should be clearly stated, developed, supported with at least 2 subpoints. 7. Cite your sources and use 4 source references in APA or MLA style at the end of the outline and cite during your speech. 8. You should speak clearly, in a relaxed, conversational manner.
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