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STUDY GUIDE FOR VIEWING OF BORAT (2006) As you watch the film, take notes on the themes and messages being conveyed about the American Dream; about American values, beliefs, and practices; and how people initially perceive or approach Borat (and whether this changes or not, and why). Pay careful attention to what makes you laugh (if anything), what irritates you or annoys you (if anything) and what offends you (if anything). Some additional things to consider: What is Borat’s American Dream? How do you know this? Is his Dream changed or modified along his journey in any way? If so, explain. What are the American Dreams represented by different people he meets along the way? Which do you identify with, and why? What do you think Sacha Baron Cohen‘s perception of America is (as distinguished from his character Borat’s)? What leads you to this interpretation? What do you think of the procedure Cohen used to get people to participate in this “mockumentary”? Was it ethical?
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