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Email homeowrk assignment

Email homeowrk assignment - 100W class I am very confident...

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9/23/2008 Eng 100WB E-mail Dear Dr. Dorosz Hello, My name is John Doe . I am writing this e-mail in regards to the concern of the WST exam. So far I have taken the exam five times and I was unsuccessful in passing it. I am having trouble with the writing part of the exam. I believe that I am not a bad writer but the time allowed for the exam is too short. The time constraints make me nervous and too pressured for me to write a good paper. I am hoping that if you, or any one that has the power to due so, would waive me from taking the exam and allow me to enroll in to English 100W class. Please give me a chance to prove to you and also to my self, that I am not a bad writer, by taking and successfully passing the English
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Unformatted text preview: 100W class. I am very confident that I am capable of passing the English 100W class. I believe this is true because I was very successful in passing all the lower and upper G.E. classes with outstanding performances. I even have papers from my previous courses to prove it. I will ensure you that I am very focused and dedicated, please just give me a chance. Please allow me to take the English 100W this semester and help me graduate in fall 2000. Please give me your in put in this matter. Again I really need your help. Thank you so much for your attention and I will be waiting for your reply. Sincerely, John Doe...
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