Persian Influences

Persian Influences - talked a little bit made some jokes...

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Muse Workshop Response 1 Muse Workshop Response San Jose State University Muse Workshop Response 2
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On Thursday, September 18, 2008 I attended the Student Success Program formerly called Muse workshop “Where are the Resources?” It was supposed to be a fun little workshop filled with a Resource Faire/BBQ/Game/Prizes. It was supposed to highlight the following: Writing Center, Learning Assistance Resource Center, Disability Resource Center, Counseling Services, Peer Mentors, AS – book exchange. Unfortunately it did nothing of the sort. I showed up to find an unorganized BBQ with mediocre food. There were tables with people sitting behind them who looked like they resented having to sit there. The people that brought and cooked the food didn’t even know what was going on. First I sat and ate my food while waiting for Thomas to arrive from the park and ride. While sitting there I met some people,
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Unformatted text preview: talked a little bit, made some jokes and had some laughs. Finally some one from the few organizations there came around and handed people free stuff, acting like it was another chore they had to complete. Finally Thomas arrived, he ate, we talked for a bit, and then we finally decided to go talk to the people sitting behind the tables. We went to tables for the Writing Center, Counseling Services, Assistance Resource Center, etc. We were disappointed to find out how un-enthusiastic, bored, and apathetic a lot of the representatives were. I don’t believe we learned much by talking to them. They handed out flyers and free stuff, gave us a very short spiel so that we’d move on as quickly as possible. Thomas and I were eager to leave. There were no games as promised, no prizes, and no knowledge to be gained. It seemed like a waste of time....
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Persian Influences - talked a little bit made some jokes...

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