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Driving Directions to San Quentin from SJSU End point for MapQuest/Google/GPS – 1 Main Street, San Quentin, CA, 94964 ***Be sure to pay attention to signs on 880/580. 580 W is also 80 E for a while (explain that one). When it splits, it comes up quickly, 80 E goes off to the left, 580 W is off to the right. MAKE SURE TO STAY RIGHT!!! If you’re not paying attention, you end up in the wrong lane and find yourself in downtown SF or who knows where.*** -Take I-880 N towards Oakland (46.2 mi) -I-880 N becomes I-580 W toward SAN FRANCISCO (Portions toll). (14.5 mi) (As you’re coming across the bridge, you’ll get a nice view of the prison)
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Unformatted text preview: -Take the FRANCISCO BOULEVARD exit toward SAN QUENTIN/AUTOS. (This exit is really badly marked; the sign is actually AFTER the turn-off. The exit is just as you come off the bridge)-Turn LEFT onto MAIN ST.-As you approach, you’ll see the main prison gate at the end of the street. Outside the gate on the left is a building. Before this building is a turn-off to the left that goes down a hill to the parking lot, that’s where you want to go. Don’t miss it and go up to the gate, because it’s kind of a pain to turn around. -We’ll all gather in the parking lot and go up to the gate together....
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