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San José State University Kinesiology KIN 69 Sec. 01. Stress Management: A Multidisciplinary Perspective Spring, 2010 Instructor: Jerry M. Kaiser Office Location: Macquarrie 439 (shared office) Telephone: 408-924-7480 (shared phone; please send e-mail) Email: [email protected] Office Hours: Wed., 2:00 (by appointment) Class Days/Time: Wednesdays, 3:00 – 5:45 p.m. Classroom: YUH 201A Prerequisites: None GE/SJSU Studies Category: SJSU Studies Area S: Self, Society, and Equality in the U.S. Faculty Web Page and MYSJSU Messaging Copies of the course materials such as the syllabus, major assignment handouts, etc. may be found on my faculty web page at http://www.sjsu.edu/people/jerry.kaiser/courses/stress/ You are responsible for regularly checking with the messaging system through MySJSU (or other communication system as indicated by the instructor). You must register at www.turnitin.com , course number 3036868, password “kaiser”. Course Description The stress process and its relation to health and disease, lifestyle, and the sociocultural environment. Analysis of physiological, psychological, sociological, and environmental parameters of stress, emphasizing development of personalized stress management strategies to enhance academic, personal, and social development. Course Goals and Student Learning Objectives The primary goal of this course is to enhance the student's ability to understand and effectively manage stress through: an understanding of the psychological, physiological, and social/cultural aspects of stress. Course Name, Number, Semester, and Year Page 1 of 9
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the incorporation of stress management techniques into one's own lifestyle, with particular emphasis on identifying and utilizing available university resources to support academic, personal, and social development, and reduce stress associated with the transition to a university environment. an understanding of the stress process and its relation to health and disease. General Education Objectives: This course fulfills Area E (Human Understanding & Development) in the Core General Education program. Following are the student learning objectives (SLOs) for Area E: Students shall: SLO #1: recognize the physiological, social/cultural, and psychological influences on their well-being; SLO #2: recognize the interrelation of the physiological, social/cultural, and psychological factors on their development across the lifespan; SLO #3: use appropriate social skills to enhance learning and develop positive interpersonal relationships with diverse groups and individuals; and SLO #4: recognize themselves as individuals undergoing a particular stage of human development, how their well-being is affected by the university’s academic and social systems, and how they can facilitate their development within the university environment. Course Objectives (CO)
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accessible_KIN_010710 - San Jos State University...

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